Buccaneer Rope Provides Strength and Stability With a Bit of a Twist.

We pioneered the development of specialized factory equipment to meet the ever-increasing high production, quality and safety standards, while at the same time holding plant costs at reasonable levels.

This efficiency is passed along to our customers in lower prices and superior quality.

Several of our machines and processes have been patented and these unique innovations assure consistent length and strength for each strand. This results in an overall balanced and safer rope product.



Our patented equipment was designed and built by Buccaneer – each of the strands are metered and measured as they are formed into rope, guaranteeing that the length of each strand is exactly the same. This provides a balanced and safer rope-each strand carries the same equal load.

Our primary success comes from knowing that complete satisfaction requires more than just an excellent product at a competitive price. Our customers have come to depend on Buccaneer for:

  • Reliable deliveries
  • Innovative solutions to difficult problems and special needs
  • Service that outshines them all



In addition to our standard line of ropes and cordage for diverse applications, Buccaneer will be glad to custom-design and manufacture rope solutions to your specific needs.

Look for our symbol of quality.

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